With the help and advice of our expert stylists we can create and co-ordinate a perfect wedding day look that’s just for you.

Everybody has different requirements so we recommend that you start planning your wedding day regime well in advance of the big occasion. We want you to walk down the aisle feeling relaxed, beautiful and confident.

Your regime should begin at least 6 months prior to your wedding day, allowing you and your stylist to build a trusting relationship. Together you can tailor a programme exactly to your needs. The initial consultation will get you off to an excellent start, where any questions regarding style, dress, veil, colour and curl will be addressed and implemented into your 6 month wedding plan. This will give us plenty time in preparation for your wedding day.

For your personal consultation please call us or drop into our salon for an initial introduction. Our fully qualified team will be happy to run through our range of ideas and services.

Mehndi (Henna)

Providing exclusive bridal mehndi ( henna ) designs for special occasions. Beautiful, exquisite and exceptionally detailed mehndi. All different mehndi ( henna ) designs catered for from Arabic, Indian to Moghul. Bridal Mehndi provides personal and tailor made solutions for your needs.

FREE trial mehndi available. Call and book your appointment.


Makeup is what you use to highlight your features. For the women of today, everyday makeup has become a necessity. We customize makeovers to highlight your features and also design light and elegant makeup which can be worn every day. Wedding makeup and grooming and makeover for special occasions are also available which will transform you to be the ravishing beauty for the occasion.

Daily makeover (any day/all-day makeover), makeover tips for everyday wear, beauty highlighters for eyes, skin, lips and cheeks, and for all seasons form part of makeover services . Besides all-day makeup, there is the special bridal makeup or wedding makeup which involves a whole range of facials, body polish treatment, eve-of-wedding makeup and a host of many makeup specialties.

Makeup that suits a specific skin-type, for example makeup for oily skin, dry skin etc., is also available for those who had worn unsuitable cosmetics and ended up with cosmetics malfunction. We advise makeovers based on an analysis of your skin type and this works good in two ways – one, it doesn’t agitate your complexion and two, it lasts long and beautiful throughout the day.